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Retrospectives are the essence of agile methodology. No longer we just blindly do our work, but also start to shape the way we do it. Empowering our employees to own the processes they're working to, rises traction and motivation. In order to identify your teams honest thoughts, retrospectives must be facilitated neutrally. No matter if you like to just test the format of agile retrospectives, or if you want to assess your company wide level of agile maturity, We'll be on your side!


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Transforming a whole corporate culture and growing everybodies agile mindset can only be mastered by persistence and constant revision. Since we adults only learn what we're constantly reminded of, we take the value of visibility pretty serious. In order to grow trust and establish a culture of responsibility, it is crucial to offer our staff a platform to place their own content in the broader context of the company's vision and purpose. Empowered employees are the best competitive advantage you can get these days.

Culture Transformation

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If we want to be leaders that guide our teams to high performance, first we should make sure to be optimally equipped for leading our selves. Even the best "servant leaders" will always act as rolemodels for their employees, so it is the leaders duty to set examples of self-responsibility for their staff. Our leadership training will confront you with questions, that internal Scrum Masters often are too intimidated to ask. Together, we're going to make sure that no one will be able to disturb your serenity anymore, so you'll always stay sharp to make the right choices.


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What about your charisma? As I'm experienced in public speaking as well as pitch presenting business ideas in front of investors, I know that your aura is your single most important advantage. Investors don't invest in the best business idea, they invest in those people, that truly seem to be capable of crushing it. For preparing you to be able to always keep your magnetic and contagious aura, even when stress kicks in, we're gonna challenge you and your team at least as hard as the investors will do in real life. Are you ready to persist?

Start Up Pitch Training

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Agile Teams

We connect with your team, dive into your project and visualize your processes. Through facilitating your meetings and making them engaging again, we act as a catalyst for efficient communication. It is our purpose, to enable your teams to sustain their culture of continuous improvement. Together, we will identify and reduce the impediments that waste your teams precious time in order to work more efficiently.

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Scrum Masters are your teams internal agile coaches, enabling them to perform without friction. We train their interpersonal skills and work out their ability to lead your teams by recognising their needs and providing them with the proper environment to focus on actually getting shit done. We equip your Scrum Masters with tools and approaches to coach your team's agile mindset and to rise general happiness. Because happiness is the biggest factor for efficiency. :)

Scrum Master

Agile Teams & Scrum Master
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